KCDP Team 2020
Nicky Leigh, Margi Belchak, Vince Lavieri, Shardae Chambers, Joe Hawver, Eponine Garrod

Your 2020 KCDP Officers & Committee Chairs


Margy Belchak: Chair
Vince Lavieri: 1st Vice Chair
Eponine Garrod: 2nd Vice Chair
Nicky Leigh: Treasurer
Wendy Flora: Recording Secretary
Jenny Snyder: Corresponding Secretary


Mark Miller
Melissa Fish
Shardae Chambers
Joe Hawver

Committee Chairs:

Margy Belchak: Director of Development & Fundraising
Gary Sigman: Communications
 Janice Mazei: Membership
Pam Gilchrist and Jenny Snyder: Volunteer
Betsy Rice: Facility


Jenny Snyder:

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