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How do I join the KCDP?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the KCDP! To join, please complete our membership form.  You can fill out the form on your computer and email it back to us or fill it out by hand and return it to our office at .

Please note: In order to become a voting member of the KCDP, you must be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party. To join the MDP click here or download this form.

How can I help? 

There are many volunteer opportunities with the KCDP in addition to contributing financially. We are always looking for volunteers to knock doors, make calls, serve on a committees, and much more!

To get in contact with our Volunteer Coordinator, please complete our volunteer form.

Can I check my membership status?

Our Membership Committee will send you a renewal notice the month before your KCDP membership is set to expire. If you’re concerned about your membership status, let us know!

Please note: while we are able to check the status of your Michigan Democratic Party membership, we do not send renewal notices for expiring MDP memberships.