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Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor to End Partisan Gerrymandering in Michigan

From State Rep. Jon Hoadley: Today, Jeremy Moss and I launched www.MiLines.org. MiLines.org is a joint effort to encourage citizen co-sponsors on our proposed constitutional amendment (HJR B and HB 4122) to create a citizen-led, non-partisan redistricting committee. MiLines.org has a simple message: Voters should draw the lines, not the politicians who will benefit from drawing the maps. The message we’re hearing from voters is […]

KCDP Report from the Michigan Democratic Party’s Spring Convention

Last Saturday, the MDP held their 2017 Spring Convention at COBO Center in Detroit. Attendance was through the roof. Typically a Spring Convention will net a couple of thousand delegates. This year, there were almost 4,200 delegates and 5,000 total in attendance — many of whom are young people. It’s safe to say that Democrats are fired up and ready to […]

The Michigan Democratic Party’s Project 83

The Michigan Democratic Party, during its Spring State Convention on February 11th, announced “Project 83.” To get Democrats back to their strong traditions of grassroots organizing and taking action, while harnessing a new spirit of progressive activism and energy, Project 83 will concentrate on implementing three core tenets in ALL 83 counties in Michigan: Refocusing on local parties and local […]

Join a Peaceful Demonstration Berrien County Democrats 2/9/2017

Governor Snyder will be in Berrien County for a business breakfast at the Grand Upton Hall on LMC’s campus. He will be introduced by Fred Upton. The Berrien Co Democrats plan to hold a peaceful demonstration as the guests and dignitaries are entering from 7 a.m. – 8 a.m. this Thursday, 2/9. They will be holding only signs such as […]