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6.3.20 “I can’t breathe”

We are facing an unprecedented period of uncertainty in our community and across the country. When I wrote to members last month, the pandemic felt like our country’s most urgent and anxiety-producing situation.  As I write to you today, Minneapolis and other cities are burning. The cities of Kalamazoo and Portage are under curfew. People aren’t saying “I can’t breathe,” […]

4.27.20 Stay connected and active in our new normal!

Note from the chair We had our first County Committee meeting via Zoom last week. It was long, but I think we had some important conversations and took care of a lot of business. I am grateful to the more than 45 County Committee members who attended and voiced their opinions. In some ways, I see that our virtual events […]

3.3.20 Be part of our busiest March ever!

Wow! Long-time members are saying they can’t remember an election cycle when KCDP was so busy so early! (See “Coming Soon” for a rundown of upcoming events.) With enthusiasm at an all-time high, we’re ready for the work ahead!  Neighborhood Captain initiative launched! KCDP’s first cohort of Neighborhood Captains at training last month.  Heartfelt thanks to the first graduates of […]

2.1.20 Nine Months to Victory—Let’s Get Started!

We have just nine short months to work toward victory on November 3rd. It’ll take all of us to win this election and take our country back. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and jump in!  Become a KCDP Neighborhood Captain! It’s the best way you can make a real difference. Elections are won or lost neighborhood by neighborhood. […]

1.10.20 Campaign HQ Reopens…2020 is finally here!

The big one—2020—is finally here!  To get ready for the fall election, KCDP will hire field staff and campaign coordinators. We will keep recruiting strong, committed candidates for local positions. And, we’ll mobilize our dedicated volunteers, who are beyond ready to get Democrats elected up and down the ticket!  We’ll also dive in deep to engage voters. That means registering […]

12.3.19 A packed calendar, friendly faces & voter news

Dems don’t take time off over the holidays! In fact, our December calendar is packed full. Read on for event details and voting rights news. But first, an update….  15 years later, the office is opening—again!  Kalamazoo County Democratic Party headquarters opened at its current location in 2004, when Jennifer Granholm was running for governor. “At that time, we were […]

11.7.19 News about local Dems and coming events

Well, we’re now less than a year from the 2020 election. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama at the national level. And yes, it’s important to stay informed as it unfolds.  But it’s just as important—maybe more important—to tune into what’s happening closer to home and to build energy and community with our fellow Dems!  This month, […]

10.9.19 A watch party, Proposal 2 AND Brown/Todd/Wolpe—So much news this month!

Lots to tell you about this month—a debate watch party, voter registration news, more free MDP webinars, and one last chance to get your tickets for the Brown/Todd/Wolpe Award Ceremony & Fundraiser, our biggest event of the election cycle.  Update on Republican efforts to overturn Proposal 2 We’ve also included a link to a super-enlightening update on Republicans’ challenge to […]

9.9.19 Get Ready for an Election and Other Big Events this Fall!

We bid a sad farewell to summer but look forward to lots of big events this fall, including the election of city commissioners and mayor in the City of Kalamazoo. Read on to learn about our candidate endorsement process, plus the biennial Brown/Todd/Wolpe celebration, Kalamazoo’s  Climate Strike march and more.  The “why” and “how” of candidate endorsements We don’t have […]

8.22.19 A Dozen Ways We Help Local Candidates

You can feel it: Excitement is already building for the 2020 election.  Unless you’re running for office yourself, you may not know all the ways KCDP supports local Democratic candidates. For the next 14 months, we’re focusing on this with more intensity than ever before.  Count ‘em!A dozen ways we help local candidates “One of the most important things we […]