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Don’t vote for TIM WALBERG!

The Extremist Republican Candidate for US Representative running in Michigan District 5 Election Denier in the First Degree On Wednesday night, January 6, 2021—after a mob of Trump supporters had stormed the US Capitol building—Tim Walberg cast his vote to overturn the election results. Joined by only two of his fellow Representatives from Michigan, Walberg chose to align himself with […]

BILL HUIZENGA – the Republican Candidate in Michigan’s newly-created 4th Congressional District

The Company He Keeps It is said that you can judge a person by the company they keep. This is certainly true in the case of the current U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District. On the official campaign website for his 2022 run to represent the newly-created 4th District, Bill Huizenga proudly showcases a rogues’ gallery of organizations that […]

The Republican running for MI District 63 State Rep

Trump Republican Matt Hall should be making a fuss about fellow Republican Fred Upton‘s campaign abuse of Jon Hoadley. He isn’t. Hall confirmed he was disciplined by the WMU for breaking several sections of the student code of conduct when contacted by MLive. He did not defend his past actions, which included saying he had a bullet for the Washington […]

The Republican running for U.S. Senator for Michigan

John James is a loser. He’s trying to hide his Trump connection but he’s the same kind of liar and cheat. He’s even involved with Michigan’s kidnapping militia: https://www.salon.com/2020/10/16/michigan-republican-linked-to-organizer-of-rally-where-militia-allegedly-plotted-to-kidnap-whitmer/ Despite being a veteran, he doesn’t take issue with Trump calling U.S. war dead “suckers” and “losers” https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/politics/james-meijer-silent-on-report-of-trump-calling-us-war-dead-suckers-and-losers/69-ed2a9912-0ecf-4770-aec1-949bc8a78e92 James got millions for his family-owned large business from the PPP program which […]

Trump enabler Fred Upton is at it again.

Pretend moderate and enthusiastic Trump supporter Fred Upton barely won the 2018 election by attacking Dr. Matt Longjohn with a load of false accusations. Here’s an example of two of his lies: In 2020 Upton is going with alt-right propaganda to attack his Democratic challenger Jon Hoadley. Upton is consistent only in the complete lack of any truth whatsoever. You […]

Remove federal agents petition to Upton

Fred Upton is our Representative. He should be supporting and protecting us rather than the special interests that he has consistently served. His blind support of Trump’s outrageous illegal behavior needs to stop. Sign our petition:

Fred Upton – Blocking Key Legislation Repeatedly in 2020

Fred Upton’s partisan opposition to legislation is completely in support of Trump and is not bipartisan as he falsely claims. He continues to oppose anything to do with the Affordable Care Act but has done nothing to replace it. He has a long history of anti-environment positions totally in lock-step with the Trump attack on environmental protections. Visit our Fred […]

The Republican running for MI District 66 State Rep

In Michigan, state Rep. Beth Griffin served as president of a local branch of ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as the “largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America.” Group founder Brigitte Gabriel has said no practicing Muslim can be a “loyal citizen” of the United States. When questioned about it as a candidate in October 2016, Griffin did not […]

The Republican running for MI District 61 State Rep

Did you know: “Haltom recently returned to Michigan after working during President Donald Trump’s transition and then as a political appointee in the White House as western regional political director. She acted as a D.C. liaison for political affairs for state-level politicians in eight states, she said.” https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2019/07/former-white-house-aide-runs-for-state-house-seat-in-kalamazoo-county.html “Before moving to the east coast to work within the National Republican […]

The Republican running for Kalamazoo County Clerk

She is a Republican. This means that: She supports Donald J. Trump for President of the United States She supports Fred Upton for U.S. House of Representatives She supports John James for U.S. Senate who doesn’t want you to know about his support of Trump She supports Bronwyn Haltom for Michigan District 61 State Representative even though Haltom is a […]