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8.22.19 A Dozen Ways We Help Local Candidates

You can feel it: Excitement is already building for the 2020 election.  Unless you’re running for office yourself, you may not know all the ways KCDP supports local Democratic candidates. For the next 14 months, we’re focusing on this with more intensity than ever before.  Count ‘em!A dozen ways we help local candidates “One of the most important things we […]

8.8.19 Absentee Voting will be BIG for Dems

New voting rules in Michigan are a big, big deal.   Passed overwhelmingly last November, Promote the Vote (Proposal 3) makes voting easier in Michigan. In fact, the ACLU estimates that the new provisions could increase voter turnout by 400,000 votes!  While all of the new rules are good news for Dems, the most potentially impactful are… The Permanent Absentee Ballot […]

7.25.19 The Grease Is Still Hot in the Pan!

Why we need you to help us identify candidates—now!  “In 2018, we won in places we had never won before,” says Chuck Alexander, political organizer with the Michigan Democratic Party. “2018 was a great year, and the grease is still hot in the pan! The way we keep the momentum going is to find good people to run in every […]

6.19.19 A New Kind of News from KCDP

Welcome to our e-newsletter! Our goal is to make it easy for you to be as involved in the KCDP as you want to be. This update will hit your inbox every week or so.  We promise to keep our emails short and sweet, which will be tough, because your local Democrats have a lot going on! And we’ll be […]

6.26.19 Jump in—the reading is fine!

Welcome to the second edition of our e-newsletter! Along with updates about current and upcoming KCDP activities, we want to answer FAQs, like… What’s happening with the office? No, we haven’t closed! And 2019 isn’t much of an “off year” because KDCP is working hard now to build resources that ensure electoral success in 2020. To build financial resources, we’re […]

7.3.19 Join, march, “share,” call, give…It’s how we build for 2020

Happy Independence Day!  If you’re headed to parades in Richland or Schoolcraft tomorrow, look for KCDP volunteers. To join us, find details below.  Another membership FAQ When people first get involved with the local Dems, the difference between being a “KCDP Member” and being a “KCDP County Committee Member” can be mystifying.   As expected, anyone can become a member of […]

7.11.19 Here’s your FOMO antidote!

Don’t miss out… It’s almost Sunday Fund Day! Join us this Sunday, July 14, 2-3:30pm at Old Dog Tavern, 402 E. Kalamazoo Ave. in downtown Kalamazoo. This fun and popular KCDP fundraiser is a chance to meet new people and greet old friends while tipping a brew or two. (Not into craft beer? The cash bar will offer wine, soda […]