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The 2020 Republican Coup Attempt in Michigan

On December 3, 2020 disgraced pettifogger Rudy Giuliani brought a carload of clowns to Lansing to delusionally rant about many topics. None of those topics included anything to do with the monumental voter fraud snake oil that Trump and Giuliani have been peddling. No evidence whatsoever. People noticed. ‘Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued blistering tweets Thursday, demanding that state […]

How to Vote Straight Democratic Party in the November 3, 2020 Election

In the Partisan Section find the oval to the right of the Democratic Party and fill it in completely: You are done with the Partisan Section. You don’t need to do anything further in it. You will have voted for all the Democratic candidates in that section. The KCDP endorses two candidates in the Non-partisan Section: Finally, turn your ballot […]

Portage City 2020 KCDP Endorsements

United States President Joe Biden United State Vice President Kamala Harris United States Senator Gary Peters United States Representative in Congress – 6th District Jon Hoadley State of Michigan Christine Morse, State House of Representatives – District 61 W Kalamazoo County Jeffrey Getting, Kalamazoo Prosecuting Attorney Rick Fuller, Kalamazoo County Sheriff  W  Meredith Place, Kalamazoo County Clerk & Register of Deeds W Thomas […]

2020 KCDP Ballot Proposal Endorsements

“Homes for All” County-wide Proposal looks like this on the ballot: COUNTY PROPOSALSHOUSING MILLAGEFor the purposes of funding housing programs in Kalamazoo County, shall the constitutional limitation upon the total amount of taxes which may be assessed in one (1) year upon all property within the County of Kalamazoo, Michigan, be increased in an amount up to but not to […]

The Republican running for MI District 63 State Rep

Trump Republican Matt Hall should be making a fuss about fellow Republican Fred Upton‘s campaign abuse of Jon Hoadley. He isn’t. Hall confirmed he was disciplined by the WMU for breaking several sections of the student code of conduct when contacted by MLive. He did not defend his past actions, which included saying he had a bullet for the Washington […]

Kzoo Ballot Box Rides

Many people have concerns about putting their ballots in the mail. The idea behind this project is connecting people who are willing to give rides to people who need to get to a ballot box or clerk’s office. People who need a ride can provide this information on the website, and I will connect them with a volunteer. I have […]