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Sean McCann

2022 KCDP endorsement for Michigan State Senator in the new District 19

Michigan State Senator Sean McCann


With so many critical issues facing us today, we need to keep Senator Sean McCann in Lansing. With his integrity, depth of experience, and impressive track record as both our Representative and Senator, he will move Michigan forward and make Kalamazoo County the best place to live for every one.

His stance on issues of importance to all of us reflect a longtime, unwavering commitment to education, jobs, healthcare, equality and the environment:

·       Strengthening Our Schools: Sean will continue to work across the aisle to secure adequate funding for our public schools and childcare workers and to advocate on behalf of higher education institutions. Sean also supports programs like Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners that ensure college accessibility.

·       Protecting Our Water: With dangerous chemicals like PFAS threatening Michigan waters, Sean remains vigilant in his efforts to protect one of our most precious natural resources. Working with other local, state and federal leaders, Sean has led initiatives to allocate more funding for the health of waterways like the Kalamazoo River and to ensure that Michigan can enact strong environmental regulations.

·       Ensuring Reproductive Freedom: Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, Michigan’s draconian 1931 law could go into effect – making abortion illegal and threatening providers with prison sentences up to 15 years. As a staunch pro-choice advocate, Sean McCann supports the Michigan Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative, and will continue his fight for a person’s right to choose.

·       Growing Jobs for Michigan: Keenly aware of the causal relationship between quality education and training and a well-paying job, Sean’s work in this sphere begins with his support for our public schools, trade schools and higher education institutions. In addition, Sean has and will continue to support legislation that enables Michigan to attract billions in investment and create tens of thousands of jobs that guarantee a livable wage.

·       Putting More Money in Your Pocket: Sean is committed to ensuring that Michigan puts money back into workers’ pockets. He is a staunch supporter of repealing the Retirement Tax, which would save Michigan seniors an average of $1,000 a year, and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit—a proven tool to lift working families out of poverty and put food on the table.

·       Gun Sense Candidate: This non-partisan endorsement from the 10 million-member group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America means that McCann “will stand for safer communities and advocate for better gun laws.”


Political endorsements can help you make sense of a candidate’s policies, positions and voting record—especially when they come from organizations that are respected, transparent and well-vetted. At time of writing, candidate McCann has garnered more than 30 such endorsements including these:

Michigan AFL-CIO: A sought-after endorsement for candidates who will work to “ensure that every Michigander maintains the right to join a union, collectively bargain, and advocate for a safer workplace.”

Planned Parenthood: This endorsement underscores McCann’s “willingness to serve as a champion for sexual and reproductive health and for addressing the social determinants of health that intersect with and impact sexual and reproductive health outcomes.”

Sierra Club: As our state chapter for America’s oldest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, this endorsement carries significant weight and is reserved exclusively for candidates who have “proven they are committed to protecting our climate, water, air, land, and wildlife here in Michigan.”

Michigan Education Association: MEA endorsements are made at the local level by Association members and attest to Sean McCann’s commitment to ensuring quality public education for all students and advocating for educational professionals – both statewide and here in Kalamazoo County.

Equality Michigan: The Republican-led Michigan Legislature has launched multiple attacks against the LGBTQ+ community, putting equality on the ballot in 2022. With a 100% Pro-Equality Score from this lauded non-partisan advocacy group, you can be certain that McCann will continue his fight for civil rights and social justice.


From WMU Student to City Commissioner

A Kalamazoo County resident for more than 3 decades, Sean McCann is a Michigan native who was drawn to public service early in life while pursuing his Political Science degree at Western Michigan University. He spent his early years after graduation serving as executive director of the Vine Neighborhood Association, working closely with residents, business owners, and local government to enhance the vibrancy and quality of life in one of Kalamazoo’s oldest neighborhoods.  It was this challenging and rewarding tenure that allowed Sean to develop and hone his skills as an effective communicator, strategist and community advocate. In 2002, McCann was hired as the Financial Development Director for the American Red Cross of Southwest Michigan, where he supported families affected by disasters and provided service to members of the armed forces. 

While working with the Vine Neighborhood Association and Red Cross, McCann also served five consecutive terms as an elected member of the Kalamazoo City Commission. During his 10-year stint as a city commissioner, Sean steadfastly focused on the issues that continue to motivate him as a public servant. In addition to his work to clean up the Kalamazoo River, revitalize the downtown area, foster economic development and strengthen public safety, former Commissioner McCann played an integral role in the enactment of Kalamazoo’s Human Rights Ordinance. In 2009, he was the proud recipient of the Commission’s Dedication & Service Award.

Mr. McCann Goes to Lansing

In 2010, Sean McCann was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives for the 60th District. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Sean worked doggedly to serve his constituents in the cities of Kalamazoo and Parchment as well as Kalamazoo and Cooper Townships. He proudly voted to expand health insurance to over 600,000 Michigan residents and to raise the state’s minimum wage. He voted against stripping collective bargaining rights from working families and fought for high quality public education from early childhood and K-12 to higher education and trade schools. In addition, McCann worked to end gerrymandering in our state through the establishment of the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Since 2019, Sean McCann has continued his legislative advocacy on behalf of Southwest Michigan residents as State Senator for the 20th District. Committed to the issues that have motivated him his entire adult life, he has introduced important legislation to safeguard our water, reform our elections, and protect workers’ wages and health. He proudly serves on a number of key Senate Committees including Natural Resources, Energy & Technology and Appropriations.

Sean At Home

Sean McCann lives in Kalamazoo with his wife, Priscilla, and their two children, Alex and Lauren. He is proud to have served on many boards and committees here in our local community. Sean is a member of the Northside Ministerial Alliance and a former board member for Prevention Works. He also holds a lifetime membership with the NAACP.

Passionate about the city he proudly calls home, Sean enjoys taking advantage of all that the area has to offer—especially the vibrant cultural scene of Downtown Kalamazoo. Mainly, Sean finds himself enjoying spending time with his family, and helping his children to pursue their education and extracurricular activities.