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Justin Mendoza

2022 KCDP Endorsement for Michigan State Representative in District 42

Justin Mendoza


Justin Mendoza has a keen understanding and deep personal knowledge of District 42. A graduate of Otsego High School, he has lived in Parchment, Plainwell, Otsego and Cooper Township. He left the area to study biology at Central Michigan University and earned his Masters of Public Health from the prestigious Yale School of Public Health. His distinguished professional life has been devoted to leading and building coalitions to advance sound healthcare policies that will help the people of our country rather than massive corporate interests.

Once again living in Parchment, Justin’s campaign is devoted to being the voice in Lansing for ALL the residents of District 42—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, ability, age or income. Healthcare, the environment, education and putting more money in your pocket are among his key legislative priorities. 


Expanding Health Care

As a longtime healthcare advocate, Justin Mendoza is deeply committed to ensuring affordable, high quality health care for all. He will fight for lower costs and for better coverage by promoting attainable, common sense policies that increase the number of people with health insurance and provide a break for Michiganders who don’t have coverage through their employer. He will also push for policies to ensure that people have access to affordable prescription drugs.

Clean Water & Air

Once elected, you can count on Mendoza to work on legislation that will empower state regulators to take on big polluters—thus ensuring clean water for generations to come. With his public health training and experience, Justin understands the health risks posed by a variety of local sources including gravel pit developments near residential communities. Again, you can count on him to fight for common sense policies that will ensure both the economic and physical health of your community.

Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

Like you, Justin expects everyone to pay their fair share of taxes and hopes that these tax dollars are wisely spent. But he also believes that for too long, lawmakers in Lansing have given families the short end of the stick by keeping taxes flat for ordinary citizens while giving massive breaks to wealthy corporations. Mendoza believes that it’s time to put people first and to make sure that these wealthy corporations pay their fair share in Michigan.

Protecting Our Democracy

Unlike his Republican opponent who continues to push the Big Lie and say that “our election in 2020 was stolen,” Justin Mendoza understands that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a dark day for our democracy. He is staunchly against the Protect Michigan Vote initiative that would make voting lines longer and disproportionately affect communities that already have a hard time voting.

Gun Laws That Make Sense

Justin grew up around hunters and gun collectors and has no desire to take away anyone’s freedom or hobbies. But with statewide gun deaths higher than the national average, he will vigorously advocate for laws that will reduce gun fatalities in Michigan. He will fight for passing safe-storage policies and laws to ensure that people who may harm themselves or others do not buy a weapon. He is opposed to so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws, arming teachers, and permitless-carry laws. 

Investing in Public Education

A product of a Michigan public education, Justin Mendoza believes that public schools are a great foundation for life because they are not controlled by one particular religious ideology—nor is the curriculum determined by the loudest individuals. He believes in democratically elected school boards and their ability to establish curriculums guided by expertise as well as community participation. He is committed to funding public schools at levels that meet need, and he opposes efforts like school voucher programs that divert public funding to private institutions.

Labor Rights and a Living Wage

As a former union member, Mendoza is intimately familiar with the importance of labor rights. Once in office, he will continue to fight for every worker’s right to collectively bargain and unionize. He supports raising the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour and views that as a good starting point to ensure a livable income for all Michigan residents. 

Equal Rights – Regardless of Whom You Love

Justin believes passionately that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity has no place in Michigan. Once elected, he will work to codify protections for the LGBTQ+ community and will fight to finally outlaw the barbaric practice of conversion therapy in Michigan.


Political endorsements can help you make sense of a candidate’s policies, positions and voting record—especially when they come from organizations and public officials that are respected, transparent and well-vetted. At time of writing, candidate Mendoza has garnered more than 20 such endorsements including these:

Gun Sense Candidate: This non-partisan endorsement from the 10 million-member group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America means that Justin Mendoza “will stand for safer communities and advocate for better gun laws.”

Human Rights Campaign PAC: Along with just a handful of other State Legislature candidates, Mendoza was endorsed by the HRC for his willingness and ability to advance equality and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ Michiganders.

Vote Pro Choice: This important endorsement is reserved for candidates like Justin who will “champion a range of social, political, and economic issues that support the right to choose how and when to raise a thriving family in a safe, healthy, and sustainable community.”

AFSCME: As a part of the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is one of the nation’s leading advocates for working men and women. Endorsed candidates like Mendoza are committed to issues that matter to AFSCME members: good paying jobs, secure retirements, quality public education, and affordable healthcare and prescriptions.