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MATT HALL – 2022 Republican Candidate for Michigan House of Representatives District 42

Matt Hall showing his enthusiasm for Trump’s little hands and Big Lie.

Spanish philosopher George Santayana and Winston Churchill both proclaimed that those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it. With that in mind, let’s take a past-present-and-future look at the man running to represent Michigan’s newly created 42nd District.

Hall WAS NEVER Good For Michigan

In 2002, Hall’s bullying behavior was the target of an investigation by police at Western Michigan University and Washington College. Documents later released by WMU include a 2001 email exchange with a student at another college wherein Hall writes “The south will rise again… I’ve got a shotgun rifle and I just put a bullet in it with your name on it!” According to MLIVE, Hall confirmed that he was disciplined by WMU for violating sections of the Student Code of Conduct.

And why did Matt Hall seek to represent the 63rd District in the 2018 election? In his own words, he “ran for office because we needed more PRO-TRUMP conservative Republicans in the State House.” He even touts the dubious distinction of having been the first Michigan Republican Party official to endorse DONALD J. TRUMP for President in 2016!

Hall IS NOT Good for Michigan

In 2022, Hall was awarded the Conservative Excellence Award from the American Conservative Union at their Conservative Political Action Conference. Indeed, out of 148 Michigan State Representatives and Senators, only seven of them can claim to have received CPAC’S HIGHEST AWARD.

And why is CPAC so bad? A recent New York Times piece describes it as “A Bacchanal of Right-Wing Pageantry, Passion and Grievance.” In her column, Editorial Board Member Michelle Cottle further describes the group’s gatherings as a “multiday FRINGE FEST featuring some of the most outrageous players on the POLITICAL RIGHT. ” Yes, this is the group that recently gave Matt Hall a 90% rating for his conservative voting record.

And it gets worse… Last year, the Detroit Free Press Editorial Board published a piece profiling the 28 Michigan Republicans who tried to overturn the 2020 election with the Big Lie. Front and center in this must-read piece of journalism is Matt Hall, co-chair of the Republican-led hearings that “gave nearly unlimited airtime to conspiracy theorists, Trump partisans and citizens who betrayed an ignorance of normal election procedures.”

Hall WILL NOT Be Good for Michigan

With anti-abortion activists here in Michigan aiming to take away women’s reproductive rights, it’s chilling that Hall is prominently showcasing his most recent endorsement by Right to Life of Michigan, an extremist group that even opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest.