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How to write-in Joseph Alfonso on the August 2 primary ballot

Joseph Alfonso is running a write-in campaign in the August Primary and if he is successful then his name will be on the November ballot.

However, he needs to meet several threshholds to do that, the most stringent of which is he needs to get 5% or more of the votes for whatever office within the 4th District (on the Democratic side) gets the most votes in this same election. That will certainly be the Governor’s race. The catch is, we do not know in advance how many that will be.

All we can do is to get as many voters in the 4th District as possible to commit to writing in his name.

Remember that under Michigan election law you may not “cross-over” in a primary. If you vote for candidates on both the Republican and Democratic side of the ballot, all your partisan primary votes will be voided.

Also remember that you must do TWO things to write-in a vote:
1) Find the office on the Democratic side of the ballot, “Representative in Congress 4th District”, and fill in the oval on the blank line provided below.
2) Carefully print the name “Joseph Alfonso” in the blank line next to the oval you just filled in