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The Republican running for MI District 63 State Rep

Trump Republican Matt Hall poses with Mike Pence

Trump Republican Matt Hall should be making a fuss about fellow Republican Fred Upton‘s campaign abuse of Jon Hoadley. He isn’t.

Police records show two emails sent by then-student Matt Hall, now a Republican state House representative, to a student at another college. (Source: Western Michigan University)

Hall confirmed he was disciplined by the WMU for breaking several sections of the student code of conduct when contacted by MLive. He did not defend his past actions, which included saying he had a bullet for the Washington College student and “the south will rise again.”

Hall’s penchant for loud-mouthed bullying has extended into his position as chair of the COVID-19 Pandemic Committee where he has been very active in interfering with Governor Whitmer’s successful management of the pandemic. Hall throws around words like “stonewalling” and has advocated foolishly premature and dangerous business re-opening in following the Republican party line.

That’s no surprise given Hall’s past experience as “Donald Trump for President Congressional District Chairman.” He’s proud of his role as a “Donald Trump delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention.” He brags that “My successful motion defeated the ‘Never Trumpers’ effort to steal the nomination from Trump at the convention,”

We don’t need anyone like Matt Hall in Lansing.

Vote for Luke Howell for Michigan State House of Representatives – District 63!