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2020 KCDP endorsee – KAYLEEN O’DONNELL

Comstock Township School Board

2020 KCDP endorsee – Kayleen O’Donnell

Kayleen is running for a seat on the School Board in Comstock Township.  Her parents were her inspiration for entering the field of education.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science and Administration and her Master’s degree in Workforce Education Development and Leadership at WMU.  She also holds a Career Technical Education (CTE) teaching certification in Business Administration Management and Operations.  She has been employed by WMU for the past seven years.

She lists the top three issues that she would like to address when elected to the Comstock School Board.

  • I will fight for fair wages and benefits, through fair union representation, for the educators who are shaping our children.  We expect so much of them, as does the government.  The least we can do is pay them fairly for their skills and expertise.
  • I will do all that is in my power to increase enrollment in KRESA’s CTE programs.  The CTE programs hold the jobs of the future.  The CTE programs will make our students highly qualified for jobs after graduation and prepare them with the skills they need for guaranteed success. 
  • I will fight for students to have access to all common and critical experiences.  As a county that has a strong minority presence, this is essential for students to succeed and learn social and emotional skills while building a sense of community amongst peers.

Given her academic background in educational administration, and the fact that her young children will soon be entering Comstock schools, Kayleen a has passion for ensuring that the Comstock schools be the best that they can be.  The Kalamazoo County Democratic Party is pleased to endorse Kayleen O’Donnell for the Comstock Township Board of Education.