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2020 KCDP endorsee – JASON WIERSMA

Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner

2020 KCDP endorsee – Jason Wiersma

Let’s be honest.  How many of us ever think of the drain commissioner, except when our storm drains back up or sediment runs downriver into the lake in front of our beach house?  Actually, the work of the Drain Commissioner is far more important than that, and has a significant impact on our quality of life, even though his or her work is not usually noticed by most of us.

Jason Wiersma has been the county’s Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Agent for the past three years. As county drain commissioner, he plans to focus on a proactive management approach to drain issues, including implementation of modern stormwater techniques and working with local and state agencies to combat flooding for the health and safety of all Kalamazoo County residents.

Outgoing Drain Commissioner Patricia Crowley states, “The Office of the Drain Commissioner is a very intense and complex place to work and requires a leader who has a significant history of appropriate technical experience and uncommon communication skill….Jason Wiersma has demonstrated solid support for the environment while maintaining friendly regulatory relationships with the State of Michigan, local officials, landowners, developers, and construction site workers.”

An interview with Jason regarding his background, his current position, and his plans if he is the new drain commissioner is published at:  https://firstand42.media/the-first-42-forum-meet-jason-wiersma/#:~:text=Running%20to%20represent%20Kalamazoo%20County%20as%20the%20Kalamazoo,Sediment%20Control%20Agent%20for%20the%20past%20three%20years

The Kalamazoo County Democratic Party encourages you to vote for Jason Wiersma in November.