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2020 KCDP Endorsee – LUKE HOWELL

State House of Representatives – District 63

Luke Howell - Michigan State Representative, District 63
Luke Howell

I’m running as a Democrat for State Representative in the 63rd District because I believe in the power of democracy and the need to come together as concerned citizens and leaders to get things done for our state.

I believe Black lives matter, and science is real. I celebrate gender and sexuality diversity, and I want a cleaner planet for my children. I believe women should have a choice with their bodies, but my faith informs me that we need better policy incentives to help make life a more appealing choice. I believe educators are in the most overworked and underpaid profession in this state. I believe that local agribusiness is the lifeblood of the 63rd District. I believe in local control of our communities and protecting local zoning authorities’ abilities to say no to gravel pits and pipeline expansions and fracking/mining operations.

Most importantly, I believe we can create a better system of democracy for statewide issues that allows every voice to be heard. 

I’ve been working on political campaigns since I was a teenager. For a good 10 years I worked on both Republican and Democratic Party elections, but that was when moderates actually existed. I feel like I’ve tried to stay pretty moderate with my views, but that has also pushed me solidly out of the Republican Party and solidly into the Democratic Party with the current state of extremism.

We live in an era when big money in politics has made common voices feel silenced. I don’t like Trump, but I understand that many of his supporters have felt unheard and, as a result, are angry.

I’m a “never Trumper” because I believe in this country, the Constitution and the rule of law. I’m disgusted at how much my current State Representative, Matt Hall, supports Trump, and I want real ethics restored to our democracy. Trump’s version of “draining the swamp” has been a complete failure while he continually violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution every day he’s in office. His tax returns, treatment of women, Russian ties and utter incompetence are also reasons I’m a “never Trumper.”

As for my education and work experience, I studied at Iowa State University and the University of South Dakota. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and history, with a leadership emphasis. I’ve worked in the nonprofit world as a manager, I’ve worked in health and fitness, and I’ve been an educator and a stay-at-home dad. I’ve spent the past five years in the skilled trades. My father was a 37-year union laborer for John Deere, and I’m currently in Local 357 Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVAC-R. The last few months I’ve been working my tail off as an HVAC tech trying to keep people cool in this insanely hot summer. 

If elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, I will also work my tail off to get things done for the people of our state. Too often the narrative has been framed for Democrats and Republicans to hate each other and to look with consternation at our differences. I don’t believe that those two camps are as vastly different as we think. I believe we can work together again to do what’s right for the people of Michigan.

In solidarity,

Luke Howell

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