2020 KCDP endorsee – ELIZABETH WELCH

Michigan Supreme Court

2020 KCDP endorsee – Elizabeth Welch

Elizabeth Welch of East Grand Rapids has been an attorney for 24 years, working with nonprofit organizations that provide essential services to communities across our state.   In the past ten years she has worked with advocates from around the state on public education policies and funding, conservation issues, and voting rights.  She is committed to making Michigan’s justice system fair for everyone, regardless of skin color, wealth, place of residence, or personal and religious beliefs.

These are definitely unique times in our country’s history and we have a unique opportunity in Michigan to elect a truly talented, driven, and compassionate woman to the Michigan Supreme Court. 

Elizabeth has worked extensively on issues that impact our communities, including public education, environmental protection, and voting rights and she is ready to bring her experience and passion to our State’s highest court, ensuring equal justice for all.