Borgess ICU Crock Pot Bridgade

Here’s a volunteer opportunity from the KCDP’s Betsy and Barbara:

Hello, Kzoo Democrats! How are you all doing? Surviving social distancing and isolation? We hope that you are staying home and staying safe — and helping to flatten the curve to save lives and help our medical providers.

It’s looking like we’ll be staying quarantined for at least a few more weeks, so hang in there! We miss being able to see all of you at our office and events.

The good news is that we have a cure for some of the depression and boredom you might be experiencing!

As many of you know, I (Barb) am an ICU nurse at Borgess and also have helped organize the Crock Pot Brigade during campaigns. Our amazing Crock Pot Brigade has provided tons of food to canvassers and volunteers throughout the years.

Those of us in the ICU are feeling stressed now. And you know what stressed people do — we eat! Only there is nothing to eat in the hospital. The cafeteria is almost completely closed down, so we all have to bring in our own food. Normally this is not a huge deal, but the challenges of work make any extra effort stressful. If any of you would like to help us alleviate some of this stress, you can sign up to bring food to Borgess’ ICU team.

A helpful volunteer has created this document for you to use to sign up here:…/174Dppnij8P7jo03OiUYXp1wzWm…/edit…. Betsy is managing the schedule so we don’t get four gallons of chili on Tuesday and only dessert on Friday. Please use disposable containers that do not need to be returned. Delivery instructions are on the sign-up document.

You may contact Barb at, messenger me on Facebook or text me at (269) 929-4875 or contact Betsy Rice at, text to (269) 760-8981 or messenger her on Facebook. Let us know if you have questions or if you want to help. And thank you so much.

Thanks again,

Barb & Betsy

Barb Hammon and Betsy Rice
Facilities Co-Chairs, KCDP

P.S. To those who have donated food already, THANK YOU. You have no idea how this food is appreciated. We all look forward to seeing what shows up and eating something we did not cook! Knowing that our hard work is appreciated and supported is invaluable in keeping us going. It takes a village working together, so again thank you for joining our effort in this work.