COVID-19 Information

Now is the time for us to slow down, stay home, and be well as we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to our community.

The KCDP is taking common sense precautions in line with Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s recommendations to slow the spread of the virus. We have closed our office and canceled all events through March 31, including our monthly Third Thursday meeting. We are looking into virtual options for keeping you informed about the work we’re doing, so stay tuned. 

We will consider future cancellations as the situation progresses. Information regarding further changes or disruptions to activities will be emailed and posted on our website as well as our social media accounts including Facebook

As we do these things to protect our community and prevent our healthcare system from being overloaded, remember that we are part of an amazing act of social solidarity. Our government is working–as it should–to protect the most vulnerable among us. And it’s an important reminder that how personal health isn’t private. Everyone’s health relies on a healthy community. All people need quality, affordable healthcare and paid sick leave–things that we, as Democrats, believe in. And, as we come together to cooperatively to take care of one another in this time of crisis, we can envision a future where that is the norm.

Our organizing, fundraising, and voter outreach efforts will continue with online tools and digital media, but it will be challenging. We’ll need your help to keep up the momentum towards November’s election, especially if the need for social distancing continues through the summer. Donations are always gratefully accepted:

Visit for the latest information from state officials regarding COVID-19 and best practices to prevent its spread. In the meantime, stay healthy with rest and good nutrition, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.

Kalamazoo County info:

Johns Hopkins’ excellent world map:

Did you lose your job?

A wealth of Kalamazoo Public Library resources:


COVID-19 Employment and Business Resources

Thank you for your understanding and for being good citizens and neighbors during this time.

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  1. Is this where I volunteer to bring food to Borgess ICU? I am signed up for this Tues and Thurs evening shift.
    It would be good to see what meals volunteers are cooking so I can shop for items without duplication

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