KCDP Neighborhood Captains

Help get out the vote in your neighborhood!

(And no, you won’t have to talk to Republicans!)

Who? As a KCDP Neighborhood Captain, you can work solo, with a partner, or with a team of neighbors and friends you choose. 

What? It’s up to you. We’ll give you a list of the strong and leaning Dems in your neighborhood. Then you can door-knock, call, text, post, write postcards—whatever you’re comfortable doing to make sure they vote! This spring and summer, we’ll focus on getting folks on the Permanent Absentee Ballot list. 

Where? In your neighborhood! We need grassroots neighborhood organizers in every precinct in Kalamazoo County! Remember, Trump took Michigan by less than 3 votes per precinct. It’s critical that we get out the Democratic vote this year!  

When (and how much)? Do as much or as little as you want…when you want!

Why? To elect a new president and take our country back! 

Questions? Jenny Snyder, corresponding@kzoodems.com call/text 269-929-8888

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