Frequently Asked Questions

KCDP Neighborhood Captain Initiative

Help get out the vote in your neighborhood!

What’s a Neighborhood Captain?
KCDP Neighborhood Captains are grassroots volunteers who work within their own neighborhoods to get Democrats elected! You’ll make sure your neighbors are registered to vote and know about the new no-reason absentee voting. You’ll share info about candidates and of course, help turn out the vote!

Why are Neighborhood Captains important?
Elections are won or lost neighborhood by neighborhood. You can boost voter turnout because you share a powerful, built-in connection with people who live close to you: you’re their neighbor! Every blue vote counts, even in red areas. Remember, Trump took Michigan by only 3 votes per precinct!

Do I have to talk to Republicans?
No! KCDP will give you lists and info about strong and leaning Dem voters in your neighborhood. You can also contact Indpendents and voters we don’t know much about, if you wish. We need your help to ensure blue-leaning voters vote absentee or make it to the polls on Election Day!

Does it matter where I live?
No! We need Neighborhood Captains in every precinct in Kalamazoo County. A precinct can have several Neighborhood Captains.

Who would I work with?
It’s up to you: work alone or with a buddy. If you team up with a partner, friend or neighbor, it’s more fun and you can cover more territory. Most of us can think of at least one other person eager to get involved in this critical election.

What kind of commitment do I have to make?
Do as much or as little as you want…when you want! We’ll welcome whatever time you can give, and we’ll respect your comfort zone. Doing a little is way better than doing nothing!

What would I have to do?
Face-to-face interactions have the greatest impact, so most Neighborhood Captains will knock on doors in their neighborhoods. You can also call or text. However you choose to reach out, the goal this spring and summer is to make sure folks have absentee ballot information. In the fall, you’ll distribute candidate materials and remind your neighbors to vote!

If I want to do more, can I?
Absolutely! You could ● Organize a gathering to text or call voters in your neighborhood ● Host a postcard-writing party at your home or a local coffee shop ● Like, share and comment on specific Dem social media posts ● Join KCDP-hosted phone banks, text banks, and door-knocking efforts to larger voter pools or in other neighborhoods, if you wish

What about training and support?
You’ll get information and materials at a Neighborhood Captain Info Session and then follow-up training with nuts-and-bolts how-to’s. You’ll have a dedicated contact person at KCDP to help with issues and questions, and you’ll get updates from KCDP to keep you in the loop.

When does it start?
Our program has already started! You can become a KCDP Neighborhood Captain anytime. We’ll be training new people and building our team through the summer and early fall.

Is this the same as being a Precinct Delegate?
No. Precinct Delegates are elected to office primarily to vote at the Democratic Party’s county and state conventions. After you get comfortable in your Neighborhood Captain role, you may decide to become a Precinct Delegate. If you do, KCDP can help.

RSVP required. For questions or to RSVP, contact KCDP Neighborhood Captains contact

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