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Drill Fred Upton, drill…

Drill Fred Upton, drill....

Fred Upton likes to imagine himself as a moderate. This is a dangerous fantasy unsupported by his dismal voting record on the environment. He votes to toe the completely unsubstantiated Republican Party line that there is no climate crisis.

In 2019, Upton voted against the Gosar amendment to U.S. House Bill 9 which would have banned the use of federal funds to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Upton’s vote was in support of Trump’s foolish whim to remove the USA from the Paris Agreement. In June 2019 he also voted against the provision to cut greenhouse emissions by 26%.

Also in June, his vote on U.S. House Bill 3055 showed his support for offshore oil and natural gas leasing off the coastlines of Washington, Oregon and California. HIs vote also showed that he believes that transportation of liquified natural gas by rail poses no problem.

Upton continued his support of offshore drilling in September by opposing U.S. House Bill 1941 to ban offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Outer Continental Shelf.

Also in September he opposed U.S. House Bill 205 to ban offshore drilling in areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Upton is horribly out of touch with the reality of the climate crisis. He is not voting in the best interest of his constituents in Congressional District 6 but, rather, only votes to support his Big Energy donors. His drilling days need to end in November 2020.