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2019 KCDP Endorsement Process

What does a KCDP endorsement mean?

The KCDP has done a lot of work to create a clearly defined endorsement process.

Our bylaws define a process of proposing and voting on giving an endorsement to a candidate. 

  • KCDP endorsements only happen when a candidate receives at least 75% of the votes cast at a County Committee meeting. 
  • The endorsed candidates have certain guarantees of benefits that they receive from the KCDP:

From the KCDP bylaws Article 8:


8.2 A motion to endorse a ballot proposal or pass a resolution may be adopted by a majority of the County Committee members present and voting without prior notice.
8.3 A motion to endorse a candidate must be made at a meeting of the County Committee. A motion to endorse a candidate for any office will not be in order prior to the filing deadline for that office. At the following meeting of the Executive Committee, they may, at their discretion, attach a recommendation to the motion to endorse. The motion shall be forwarded to the County Committee membership along with the notice of the next meeting (5.5), at which the vote will be taken.Three-quarters of the members present and voting are required to endorse a candidate.


8.4 A candidate for public office who is a member of both the MDP and KCDP has the right to scheduled use of the KCDP office at the Chair’s discretion, and to place and distribute yard signs and literature at the office.
8.5 Only candidates who have been endorsed may be considered for allocation of KCDP funds or included in phone banks, robo-calls, slate literature or similar publicity sponsored by KCDP. Access to the VAN database is governed by the MDP.

The Bottom Line

No one will receive specified support from the KCDP without successfully going through the endorsement process. This process has been meticulously designed to minimize the natural disappointment felt by supporters of a candidate who does not get endorsed. No process can eliminate that disappointment.

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