Why I’m a Democrat

Shardae Chambers

“The reason why I am a Democrat is because this party supports my core values and principles. 

I believe everyone should be treated equally no matter your race, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. I believe everyone should have financial security, not just wealthy businesses. I believe we all should have a clean and  safe environment. I believe in working together as a team and helping support one another. I believe the Democratic party represents this and beyond. Our party fights so that we can all win together. This is why I am a Democrat.”

Tracy Klinesteker

“I’ve always been a Democrat, although I’m not sure how or why, as I was raised in a staunch Republican household in what was once the Republican stronghold of Orange County, CA. Somehow, I strayed from a well-trod path.

“I’m a Democrat because I want to conserve our environment. I believe climate change is real, our constitution is in mortal danger, gun ownership is out of control, abortion is ultimately a women’s choice, and government has an important place in society. I earned my pension and no one is going to take that away from me. Medicare for all seems like a great idea; it’s got to be better than what we have now.

“I identify with a Party that strives to improve the human condition for all races and creeds. That’s why I’m a Democrat.”

Ali Tinai

“Many of the issues that I care about are the same issues that the Democratic Party fights for. This Party is always fighting for people like me and the least that I can do is do my part by being engaged.” –Ali Tinai

Kushi Matharu

“I’m a Democrat because I genuinely can’t imagine not being one. In a day and age where our basic survival is questioned by climate change, I am proud to be a member of a party that puts forth ideas such as the Green New Deal and works to combat these issues. As an immigrant, the Democratic Party has a proven track record of helping out not only immigrant communities but also various minority communities. I’m a Democrat because it’s time for systematic change, and I’m part of the generation that’s going to make it happen.” –Kushi Matharu

Bionca Stewart
Bionca Stewart

“I’m a Democrat because I think the Democratic Party holds the policies of the future. The future of America—and the entire world—involves sustainable technology, upgrades in our infrastructure, and a completely functioning economy (not an economy that works only for some). The Democratic Party also has morals on their platform as well, and as a person who has faith I believe that having a moral conscience should not be debatable when making or implementing decisions. This is why I am a Democrat because it’s a party of values and policies meant for a greater future.” -Bionca Stewart

Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson, Publisher of Builder/Architect, SW Michigan edition

“Why am I a Democrat? It’s pretty darned simple: I believe in social and economic equality. Clean air and water, cage-free children and gun control are right up there too.”  -Beth Johnson 

Loren A. Kimeldorf

“I have always been a Democrat because I believe a responsive government is part of the solution—not the problem—to many of the challenges we face today. I am a Democrat because climate change is real. I am a Democrat because a living wage and affordable healthcare are not a dream but our future. Lastly and most importantly I will always be a Democrat because we fight to ever expand equality, not shrink it.” –Loren A. Kimeldorf

Randy Wolbert

“Booker T. Washington said, ‘There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up’  I am a Democrat because we are the party of pulling up.  Democrats stand up for: the rights of all; health care for all; education for all; and justice for all.  Time to listen to our better angels and take our country back by voting Democratic.” —Randy Wolbert

Elliana Kisiel

“I’m a Democrat because I believe in social justice and political reform. I believe our country has lost sight as to what being a human being is all about. We must care for one another and be more empathetic and accepting when it comes to those who are different from ourselves. Being a Democrat means standing up for those who do not have a voice. By being a member of the Democratic Party I feel that I am contributing to society in a positive manner by making the world a more accepting and truly beautiful place, where we can all coexist as one species with the goal of living a happy and successful life.” –Elliana Kisiel

Pam Gilchrist

“I am a Democrat because I still want to believe in the American Dream. I want to believe that we can obtain equality for all people despite race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. I want our country to progress in the areas of climate change and education. We need to secure better, less expensive healthcare. The Democratic Party strives to lift up all Americans, not just a privileged few.” –Pam Gilchrist

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One thought on “Why I’m a Democrat

  1. I’m a Democrat because my parents taught me to care about people other than myself, and because I can understand concepts longer than a bumper sticker slogan.

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