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Loren Kimeldorf – KCDP Dem of the Month for July 2019

Loren Kimeldorf

Loren Kimeldorf is a lifelong Democrat who has recently become a county committee member within the KCDP.  Additionally, he serves on the Environmental Board for the City of Portage.

After graduating from James Madison College (at Michigan State University) and serving as an intern in the State House, Loren settled in Kalamazoo County where he now works as a Branch Manager for PNC Bank.  Loren, his wife Amy and their young son are happy to call the Kalamazoo area home.  

Having worked in banking for more than a decade, Loren has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of student loan debt on young graduates and their families. Loren stated “I have become increasingly alarmed that this debt – taken out by teenagers – has become a significant barrier to achieving economic security and realizing the American dream. “  Student debt also hits closer to home for Loren who is still paying off his family’s student loans while at the same time starting to save for his son’s future. Making college affordable and accessible to Michiganders is an important issue for Loren.

So too is combating climate change.  While we can debate the best way to respond to global warming, the fact that it is occurring is beyond dispute.  Loren believes that science – not ideology or special interests – should guide our response to environmental threats of all kinds.  He went on to explain “that Michigan’s forests, rivers and lakes which define our state are a living heritage, it is what we all pass on to our kids.  But it requires us to be thoughtful stewards.”

Lastly, Loren mentioned the need to extend equality to all Michiganders.  He discussed his shock and dismay upon discovering that Michigan citizens could be fired or denied housing based on who they love.  Loren explained that it was time “to end the patchwork quilt of local ordinances and establish statewide protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Loren described Trump’s victory as a wakeup call, making it impossible for him to sit on the sidelines any longer.  While hopeful that the political tides are turning following the 2018 Mid-terms, nothing can be taken for granted. He is committed to helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. If you would like to connect with Loren he can be reached at loren.kimeldorf@gmail

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