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Upton’s vote against Pride

June 2019 is Pride Month.

Fred Upton celebrated by voting against U.S. House Bill 5 which was known as the “Equality Act” and was designed to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in government facilities and programs, and by owners and staff of privately owned “public accommodations.” Thankfully it passes 235 to 173 despite Upton’s opposition.

upton must go
Fred Upton

It’s important to know that Upton continues to toe the Republican party line with his stated opposition to the impeachment of Donald Trump.

In related news, Upton also continues his decades-long anti-environment agenda by encouraging additional greenhouse gas emission by voting against U.S. House Bill 9 known as the “Climate Action Now Act.” His vote was, again, in the minority.

4 thoughts on “Upton’s vote against Pride

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      I’m not sure who Upton is representing in Washington DC, but it’s not the majority of West Michigan who have local statues guaranteeing those same rights.
      It’s interesting that he is going against the grain of his constituents and appears to only be voting to appease the President and that arm of the Republican Party.
      Congressman Upton please stand up; vote your own conscience and be our representative.
      Sincerely, Anne

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      One??, two????, Mr Trump. Can’t you think for yourself? You used to.

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      Dear Mr. Upton
      As one of your constituents I must say you have become a terrible disappointment to the people of Southwest Michigan. There was a time you seemed to show integrity and fairness but for the past several years you’ve become nothing more than yet another Trump lap dog. I don’t say that as a partisan voter as I have voted for you several times during your years of service but I can do so no more. Even though Justin Amash stands for views a little further right than I prefer, I can at least say I respect his tenacity and integrity by not being beholden to the direction the GOP party has taken. You on the other hand, have reached your shelf life and no longer represent the ideals of this district. Thanks for your service but I will be working to se you are released of your duty come 2020.

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      Shame on you. Equality for all people not just old white men

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