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Memorial Day Stories 2019

If you please, my father (Merrill T. See) served in the US Air Force from 1946-49.  Born 2/1/28 and passed 1/14/11.  Photo attached if needed.

Also James Hekman was a friend.  He served in the Army, a tanker in Vietnam, 1969-1971 (roughly).  Born 1951 (?) and he passed away in November of 2014.  He is on the right in the photo (without the cigarette).

Thank you so much. 


Sheryl Farrell

I have a name to add to the KCDP parade vehicle.
2nd Lt. Galen Warren O’Brien, KIA in North Africa on May 24, 1943 while serving as a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corp.Kalamazoo Central H.S., captain of the golf team, buried in Riverside Cemetery. 
(He was my father. I was a baby when he was killed so have no memory of him. Many people have told me he was very intelligent and a really good golfer. Also a proud Democrat from a family of Democrats.)

Judy O’Brien (another proud Democrat)

If we could add this name to the list of those lost in combat I would greatly appreciate it.   Captain Freeman was a Marine that I served with in Okinawa.  He was killed in combat in 2009.   

Captain Matthew Freeman, USMC

Thank you for honoring his service.  
Very respectfully,
Kevin Morse

My dad, W.A. Bottle, U.S. Air Force

Thanks, Barb Gallagher 


ken cathy hosner

My father who passed away a couple of years ago was an Air Force Veteran.  Clyde Flora.
Let me know if you want any other information.  
Wendy Flora

My father was Jim Alles & his brother was Oliver Alles. Both were stationed in the South Pacific corridor during WW2.  Oliver, my uncle, died during this time.  As I understand it, he was responsible for the movement on island of New Caledonia to allow the service people to vote during major elections!  My father & his 4 brothers were all in the service during the War!  All were big Democrats.  All were in the US Army.

Deb Dunstone

Can you please add my father’s name to the car? 

Thomas Judd 1948 – 2018
Vietnam War Veteran

He passed in Sept. 



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