Eponine Garrod – KCDP Democrat of the Month, October 2018

Eponine GarrodI have been involved with the KCDP since December 2016 which is around the same time I became involved in local politics. The same awful event of 2016 sparked a fire in me that so many others felt too.

I’m a member of the KCDP because I feel it’s important to be a part of the solution. I grew up hearing the common motivational quote to “be the change you want to see in the world” and we desperately need change in our current political world. The KCDP isn’t going to singlehandedly solve all our political problems but we are definitely a piece of this giant puzzle. Rather than stay at home fearful of our current administration I chose to get involved to actively work on our current state of affairs.

I’m a Democrat because it is the only major party with any semblance of sanity. I believe that Democrats can win seats and I want to be a part of our party to help hold ourselves and our candidates accountable unlike the Republicans. Our platform, at its core, stands for social and economic justice and while we sometimes have difficulty executing our intentions in a way that match our values the only way to help promote that platform is to jump in and do the work. A party is its people and I’m glad to be part of a tent big enough for my democratic socialism.

It’s incredibly difficult to pick one issue most important to me but when it comes down to the minutia of the issues I have to pick our environment. If we aren’t taking care of our home planet there will soon be no other issues left to care about because we will have destroyed ourselves. Without reducing human-induced climate change, providing clean drinking water, regulating harmful chemicals, or eliminating non-renewable resources we cannot truly fight against socioeconomic inequality.

I’m always going to fight for policies and platforms over a party and that’s part of the reason why I am committed to the KCDP. I think our group is open to progress and the inevitable change that comes with the passing of time. I’m ready to work myself ragged fighting for socioeconomic justice and I’m thrilled to have a political family in the KCDP.

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