Ali Tinai, the KCDP Democrat of the month for September 2018

Ali Tinai

We chose Ali Tinai to honor someone who was a Jon Hoadley intern over the summer, the President of the College Democrats on WMU’s Campus, a Seita Scholar tutor, a tutor for refugee outreach of KZOO, and many other things in our community.

  • How long have you been involved with the KCDP (or local politics)?

I joined local politics three years ago when I first came to Western Michigan University. I became member of the WMU college Dems from the first day I stepped on campus. I went to their meeting and that’s how I found a family on campus.

  • Why are you a member of the KCDP (or local politics)?

Because local politics is very significant. I also think if change is going to happen it will start from the bottom if people really pay attention to local politics.

  • Why are you a Democrat?

Many of the issues that I care about are the same issues that the Democratic Party fights for. This Party is always fighting for people like me and the least that I can do is do my part by being engaged.

  • What issue is the most important to you?

Healthcare is the number issue for me like all Americans and I will fight for that if I’m elected for office in the future. My brain cannot process the fact that this country is the wealthiest country on earth and does not have a universal health care for its people.

  • Is there anything else you think we should know about you?

I really care about politics in this country even though I’m not a citizen yet. I’m excited to cast my vote in the 2020 elections once I get my citizenship.

3 thoughts on “Ali Tinai, the KCDP Democrat of the month for September 2018

  1. Dear Ali

    Very proud of you my dear friend, as you have said if you want change , it start form the bottom line .

    Keep up the hard works and good luck in the next election for your party.

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