Press Release re: the 2018 KCDP dual endorsement for Governor

Contact: Jake Andrews, KCDP Chair FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Email: 7/31/2018
Phone: (269) 967-4119

Kalamazoo, MI- As we near the upcoming primary, the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party is proud to announce our unanimous endorsement of Dr. Abdul El-Sayed AND Gretchen Whitmer as the next Democratic Gubernatorial nominee.

We understand this move to be untraditional. So, we want to make it as clear as possible why we are choosing to take such a drastic step. We do not feel obligated to endorse any specific candidate; we feel obligated to support candidates who have shown a continuous devotion to the values and standards the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party attempts to embody. Two of the three candidates on the ballot do so. BOTH Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Gretchen Whitmer are candidates we are confident would be great Governors of the State of Michigan. These two candidates have energized the base, while enticing new people to get engaged with the political process and the Democratic Party. Both candidates have worked hard to raise the dollars to battle the Michigan Republican (Devos) Party machine. And, more importantly, they have been on the doors, in our community, listening to what issues matter most and laying our their vision for the future of our state.

We STRONGLY encourage all Michigan Democrats to cast their ballot for Dr. Abdul El-Sayed OR Gretchen Whitmer for the Democratic Nominee for Governor on Tuesday, August 7th.



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