Betsy Rice – KCDP Democrat of the Month, June 2018

Betsy shows off her new Kalamazoo County ID

“I’m a Democrat because I really believe Democrats serve people and I have always felt every human has a right to all good things, as spelled out in the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

My most important issue at the moment is electing Democrats, so that we can come closer to having a country and world that honors these universal rights.

I’ve been a democrat all my life, became a Democrat when I got involved with Howard Wolpe’s campaign for State House. Stuffing envelopes with friends, someplace downtown. I’ve walked and/or phoned for just about all candidates from Kalamazoo county and most statewide campaigns.

In 1984 I walked into Dem campaign office to volunteer and Mary Eagle who was field organizer for Carl Levin, asked if I would be interested in the office manager’s job. I was, as I was laid off from IBEW at that time. Marv Zucker was chair, a great guy. Of course Reagan won the election. I was sick to my stomach at the victory party that night.

I spent many years on the DSO Board. Raising money, doing mailings and working on the annual Spring Brunch. Mike Pioch and I also did the DSO newsletter.

I learned so much from Mary Brown while knocking on doors, phoning and doing mailings. MB quotes I still use:  ‘You need 4 sets of eyes to proofread,’ ‘feed them after the work is done’ and more.

I’ve been a participant in many marches, protests, etc. as a Democrat and as an IBEW member in D.C., Detroit and Lansing. Nowadays, I do my marching in Kalamazoo and I’m proud of it! Favs are 1981 Solidarity Day after Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers, again in 1991. Walking with Detroit Newspaper Strikers, Building trades informational picket at Menasha in Otsego. Detroit Labor Day parades.”

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