The KCDP Democrats of the Month for May 2018 are Nancy and Ron Crowell

The KCDP Democrats of the Month for May 2018 are Nancy and Ron Crowell

Nancy and Ron Crowell
Nancy and Ron Crowell

• How long have you been involved with the KCDP?

We have been politically active in Kalamazoo since the week following MLK’s assassination when an organization called Action Now was formed by Howard Wolpe and many others in Kalamazoo. We became active in Democratic Politics when Howard Wolpe first ran for the state legislature.

• Why are you a member of the KCDP?

We believe that citizens in a democracy should be active in supporting the rights of all people. The KCDP, for the most part, is an inclusive organization which reaches out and works very hard and regularly to recruit and elect excellent Democratic candidates to every level of office. We are proud of the work done by KCDP over the last 30 years.

• Why are you a Democrat?

We are Democrats precisely because of what our KCDP bumper sticker says: Democrats Serve the People. We believe in grass roots politics that has supported many good Democrat candidates. In our many years observing and working with Democrats – knocking on doors, preparing thousands of mailing pieces, and publishing the newsletter — we have found Democrats, first and foremost, believing and working for social justice, equality, racial justice and diversity. Democrats always support our youth and value public education.

• What issue is the most important to you?

Given the authoritarian and cruel regime governing us, the plutocracy which characterizes our country, the Citizens United ruling, the overt and public threat to a free press, we find it difficult to pick out a single issue. However, we feel that voter suppression is a distinct threat to democracy – and the related undemocratic nature of gerrymandering undermines our constitution.

• Is there anything else you think we should know about you?

We are proud parents of two small business people and a social worker, all of whom are good Democrats. They all work to support and help their communities.

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