MSU Board of Trustees Resolution of May 17, 2018

The Kalamazoo County Democratic Party resolves that:

1. We have no confidence in the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University, namely Trustees, Brian Breslin, Chair; Joel I. Ferguson, Vice Chair; Dianne Byrum, Melanie Foster, Dan Kelly, Mitch Lyons, Brian Mosallam and George Perles.
2. Our lack of confidence is based on their responses, and their lack of responses, as the case may be, to the abuse of female athletes under the auspices of MSU.
3. We have no confidence in the administration of the interim president of MSU, John Engler.
4. We call for the immediate removal of the named Trustees and Interim President Engler.
5. We oppose any use of students’ tuition money for settlement costs and legal fees.
Adopted this day: May 17, 2018

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