Can you host an exchange student?

ASSE International Student Exchange is currently looking for families to host exchange students who have won a full-ride scholarship from the U.S. Department of State to come on exchange. The students are very involved in politics back home and interested in learning more about our politics in the USA. More information about them is detailed below. Should you have questions or would like more information, please contact local area representative Kate Rizor at


Andriejus (16)


Andriejus, 16, from Lithuania has received the prestigious FLEX scholarship, has excellent English skills and serves as a leader in his school and community. His Myers-Briggs designation is ENFP, confirmed by his love to work with others to improve his village, school and community. He volunteers with other in a leadership capacity for charity campaigns and public events and thrives being involved with other youth and adults, especially in drama and the arts. He has provided leadership in many ways, including being an emcee for arts groups, school groups and as president of the local youth council, technically a government position. An extrovert, he balances this with an intuitive ability to be self-aware and encourage that in others. (CI038EE)

Finn (17)


Marlon, who goes by Finn, is an outgoing and active young man who likes to keep busy. He won the prestigious CBYX scholarship to come on exchange. On the weekends, he runs and is involved in martial arts. Marlon is very interested in international politics. He has participated in four Model United Nations which has allowed him to make friends across Europe.  Marlon enjoys learning about different cultures and countries. Spending time with family is also important to him. He describes himself as a very straightforward character. (CB046SS)

Amaia (16)

Female, SPAIN

Amaia, a student from Spain who won a full-ride scholarship to come on exchange, says she loves her parents very much and credits them with teaching her the value of being herself, loving herself and learning life lessons. Amaia loves to spend time with her family and friends, especially on weekends. She likes handball, hiking, being outside and following news and politics. (SP016EE)

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    1. Students arrive for the academic year, but if that’s too long to commit to you can instead host a student for the semester if you’d like.

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