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Michigan Prevailing Wage Law Petition Warning

Per the Chair of the MDP, Brandon Dillon:

It has come to our attention that the group leading the effort to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law is misrepresenting the intent of their petition when asking people for their signature.

Michigan’s prevailing wage law requires contractors to pay their workers union-rate wages and benefits on state-financed or state-sponsored projects. Repealing prevailing wage would hurt Michigan workers and allow contractors to hire cheap, unskilled labor in order to drive down costs.

The petition that people are being asked to sign is a direct attack on workers’ negotiated pay and health care benefits.

Please be aware that this is the only prevailing wage petition being circulated and its intent is to benefit big contractors, and in many cases out-of-state construction companies, at the expense of our local economies and Michigan workers.

The Michigan Democratic Party stands with the working men and women of our state, and we are strongly opposed to any and all attempts to strip workers of the protections in place under Michigan’s prevailing wage law.