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Rallies to Defend Health Care at Upton’s Kalamazoo & St. Joseph Offices

Congressman Upton: it’s time to defend health care for the people of your district!

The House Republicans plan to bring the American Health Care Act up for a vote this Thursday, March 23. This bill is a disaster, as the leading associations of doctors, nurses, hospitals, retired people, and health insurance agencies, among others, have pointed out. According to the Congressional Budget Office it would leave 24 million currently insured people uninsured while giving enormous tax cuts to the very wealthy.

It is time to demand that our Representative, Congressman Upton, votes against this bill.

Please join us at a rally at one of his offices:

Rally in Kalamazoo, Wednesday, March 22, 5-6pm, at Congressman Upton’s office at 305 E. Michigan Ave.

Rally in St. Joseph, Thursday, March 23, 4:30-5:30pm at Congressman Upton’s office at 720 Main St.

Congressman Upton: Protect the people in this district who depend on Medicaid!

More than 600,000 Michigan adults depend on Healthy Michigan, our Medicaid expansion, for their health care. Most of them could lose it under the proposed legislation.

Congressman Upton: Protect seniors!

Premiums and deductibles for older adults will skyrocket under this bill, and important screenings and preventive services will be unavailable under these high-cost plans.

Congressman Upton: Protect Planned Parenthood!

Over 125,000 health care visits by women were provided by Planned Parenthood in Michigan in 2015.  Three of the 19 Planned Parenthood centers are in SW MI.  These are facilities that provide essential health services, including preventive services like mammograms, PAP smears and family planning to women who often have no other safety net to depend upon.

Congressman Upton: either add these protections or vote against the American Health Care Act on Thursday.

Sponsors: Kalamazoo County Democratic Party, Berrien County Democratic Party, Allegan County Democratic Party, Van Buren County Democratic Party, St. Joseph County Democratic Party, Cass County Democratic Party, ProKzoo, Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents to War, MoveOn SW Michigan