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8/31/17 – Upton’s consistent record against the environment continues…

6/8/17 – Upton voted to allow banks to cheat you again by voting “Yes” on U.S. House Bill 10

3/30/17 – Upton voted to cripple the EPA’s ability to protect the environment with U.S. House Bill 1430

3/28/17 – Upton got over $108,000 by selling your online privacy 

3/22/17 – Upton further endangered his constituents by voting to make it easier for mentally incapacitated or incompetent people to own firearms. The bill was ironically named H.R.1181 – Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act since it represented the opposite of “protection”.

2/24/17 – Upton voted to overturn a regulation that restricted the release of methane, a greenhouse gas, by energy companies by voting for U.S. House Joint Memorial 36. This means that Upton is in favor of increased air pollution which is a health risk. This illustrates Upton’s subservience to large corporations rather than properly acting as a protector of the health of his constituents.

2/16/17 – Upton irresponsibly voted in favor of U.S. house joint resolution 38 which removed environmental safeguards for waterways. Mining companies will, as a result, be able to pollute ecosystems with impunity and endanger the health of local residents with no federal regulation.

2/16/17 – Upton showed his disregard for the health of his disadvantaged constituents by voting in favor of U.S. House Joint Resolution 43 to overturn rule prohibiting states from denying federal funding to family planning organizations for reasons unrelated to the quality of care they offer. This will have the effect of allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood or any other organization they don’t like.

Planned Parenthood Patient Statistics for Fiscal Year 2015

  • 63,805 Total number of patients
  • 126,628 Total number of patient visits
  • 92,784 Cycles of birth control
  • 59,839 Test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • 23,429 Pregnancy tests and options counseling
  • 14,606 HIV testing and counseling
  • 6,744 Breast exams
  • 5,586 Pap tests
  • 1,349 Prenatal visits
  • 498 Procedures to identify and treat pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix
  • 124 Vasectomies
  • 36 Permanent birth control procedures

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