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KCDP Report from the Michigan Democratic Party’s Spring Convention

Last Saturday, the MDP held their 2017 Spring Convention at COBO Center in Detroit. Attendance was through the roof. Typically a Spring Convention will net a couple of thousand delegates. This year, there were almost 4,200 delegates and 5,000 total in attendance — many of whom are young people. It’s safe to say that Democrats are fired up and ready to work! Check out this article for more information.

Our District 6 officers were elected and include:

Chair – Mark Miller

Vice Chair – Melissa Clapper

Secretary – Bette Pierman

Treasurer – Meredith Place

In Kalamazoo County, we elected an amazing group of Democratic State Central Committee delegates and alternates:

Delegates: Meredith Place, Angel Johnston, DeAnna Hill, Mark Miller, and Adam Roth.

Alternates: Jen Strebs, Elanor Riley, John Taylor, Jake Andrews, and Dave Pawloski.

Other highlights from Kalamazoo County in statewide caucuses:

David Benac – Vice Chair of the Environment and Energy Caucus

Angel Johnston – Treasurer of the Progressive Caucus


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