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Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor to End Partisan Gerrymandering in Michigan

From State Rep. Jon Hoadley:
Today, Jeremy Moss and I launched www.MiLines.org.

MiLines.org is a joint effort to encourage citizen co-sponsors on our proposed constitutional amendment (HJR B and HB 4122) to create a citizen-led, non-partisan redistricting committee.

MiLines.org has a simple message: Voters should draw the lines, not the politicians who will benefit from drawing the maps.

The message we’re hearing from voters is clear. Voters should pick their elected officials. Politicians shouldn’t get to cherry pick which voters they want.

You can help by going to the site and signing up to be a citizen co-sponsor. Please “like” and “share” on Facebook so we can get as many supporters to sign up as possible! Let’s build a team big enough to reform the redistricting process.