Welcome to the official website of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party!

The purpose of the KCDP is to promote the philosophy of the Democratic Party and to elect Democrats who support this philosophy, and further, to unite and to aid in the activities of all Party members, precinct delegates, committees, office holders, candidates and all other Democrats working to promote wide and active participation in the Democratic Party. It shall also provide information regarding issues and positions of the Democratic Party to the general public.

—Article 2, Kalamazoo County Democratic Party Bylaws

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The KCDP is made up of hundreds of members seeking to elect Democrats to local and national office through grassroots organizing in order to bring progressive change to our community starting with each neighborhood.

Our monthly meetings are every Third Thursday of the month currently at Traveler’s Cafe and Pub, 5225 Portage Rd, Portage, Michigan 49002.

There is a speaker/presentation from 5:30-6:15 followed by the business meeting that typically goes until 7:30. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to attend!

How can we help you and your community?

KCDP Headquarters

2019 wasn’t really an “off year” for Democrats. We at the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party were and are working now to ensure electoral success in 2020.

Home, sweet home

KCDP was fortunate to have an excellent sublessee in 2019—their rent checks fortified our 2020 war chest. But now we’ve moved back in! On December 1st, volunteers resettled the boxes of “stuff” that have been in storage.

KCDP 2020 office hours

  • Monday: 9-12
  • Tuesday: 9-3
  • Wednesday: 9-3
  • Thursday: 9-6
  • Friday: 9-6
  • Saturday: 10-2

The best way to reach us is to email info@kzoodems.com or leave a message at (269) 342-4217. Voice mailbox will be checked weekly.