How do I join the KCDP?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the KCDP! To join via ActBlue click here. Our Membership Chair, Nora, has been hard at work and has created a new membership form. This is done in a PDF that can be filled in on your computer, saved, and emailed to membership@kzoodems.com or info@kzoodems.com. You can also fill in (on the computer or by hand), print and mail or drop off at our office during office hours. If you have any questions email us  info@kzoodems.com.

For the KCDP membership form click here.

How can I help? 

There are many volunteer opportunities with the KCDP, including general office, mail team, janitorial/facilities maintenance, data entry, canvassing, phone banking, joining a committee, hosting a fundraiser, running for office, and more. Sign up here if you’d like to volunteer.


How do I find out if my membership is current? 

You can reach out to us through our contact page with any questions about membership.


Please help support the KCDP with a donation

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