PREAMBLE: JoAnn is described by many here at the KCDP as a: “Behind-The-Scenes Democrat.” That is because her drive to improve her community did not stem from a desire for personal recognition. Rather, it came from a genuine place of love. JoAnn talked often about her childhood and growing with less, describing her experiences living out of cars and picking cotton to make a little money. These experiences were crucial in shaping JoAnn’s determined and active life. JoAnn was a long-time member and volunteer for the KCDP as well as local and national candidates. She was pivotal in establishing the National Organization of Women’s Kalamazoo chapter. In addition, JoAnn worked tirelessly with the YWCA to create a shelter for women facing abuse. She also was a fervent supporter of Planned Parenthood, fighting her entire life to protect reproductive rights. JoAnn dedicated so much of her time to helping others in her community.

THEREFORE: On Thursday, March 15th, 2018, the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party Executive Committee unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing JoAnn Betz for her long-time support of the Democratic Party. Her hard work, tenacity, and love have played a crucial part of the Party here in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan. The Kalamazoo County Democratic Party dedicates our work going forward to all those who have worked so hard before, like JoAnn Betz. Our hearts and thoughts are with her family and friends.

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